We are KGVP Foundation

KGVP is a non-profit patient organisation focussed

on better quality of health care according to patients

better health care comes from insight

insight comes from measurements

ICHOM provided the framework with standard sets

promis health measures developed the Measurements

KGVP foundation built the ce-marked mobile app: easyrom


* = EasyROM PRO comes with a dashboard, to provide additional features and more in-depth insight into the measurement results.

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Our vision

"Every patient has insight and overview in their health care treatment outcomes."

Patients are people and have many human rights. KGVP believes that proper health care is one of those human rights, but to know what proper health care is, is not real easy, let alone to find proper health care.

For that patients need information and knowledge, so they can find their individual match, best fit for their personal cases.

Our mission

The KGVP Foundation is a Dutch non-profit patient organisation, founded in 2010, to stand up for the patients. We are also patients, victims and care takers. We understand the problems medical issues cause. We know patients are most vulnerable when they are sick.

But we don't grovel, grief and stop. We stand up and do something about it. For all patients, including ourselves, with the best science, support and tools available. It is our mission to maximise everyone's Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL), so wel all can just live good.

Our principles

Pursue Patient Value
The creation of Patient Value is so important, it deserves to be in a front and center postion in any medical treatment.
Apply Scientific Proof
Actions in medicine are good, if they are based on scientific proof. It shows that all efforts are done, to maximise patient value.
Find Collaboration
Health Care is huge, but all comes down to a patient's health. And therefor collaboration between all parties involved is essential.


Less talking, more doing

KGVP was founded by two men from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. And they embraced the city's mantra : "Less Talking, more Doing".
And this resulted in the EasyROM app and it’s accompanying platform and dashboard as a complete health care overview and insight support tool for patients, physicians, medical professionals, scientific researchers, government policy makers and insurers.

This is why the KGVP Foundation does not sell tickets for shows, sell bracelets or books, stickers to fund our operations. We are 100% fully self-funded and believe that we can do more for patients if we provide solid solutions. All our work is based on honesty, justice and the right reasons to help others. So we supply our app at a market-first cost-price and measurements at purchase price.

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Screenshot of the Dutch EasyROM Pro version: Physicial Function Questionnaire Outcome graph

Our Principles

1. Honesty and fairness

At the KGVP Foundation, our bedrock is always to abide by the truth and always be honest. Even if it costs relationships. It is the only correct way to work in Health Care with patients. In other words, don't be a dick when it comes to patients. You eventually will become a patient yourself and you will want to trust and be supported by a good health care system, when you need it the most.

2. Ethics and morals

KGVP Foundation always considers the ethics and morals in their own and their partners' actions. It is the motivations and intentions, that will explain the actions. This way KGVP eliminates any perverse incentives, that would interfere in enhancing and increasing Health Related Quality of Life for patients. In other words, if your heart and mind is pure, then so are your actions and the road will be smooth and blissful.

3. Truth and morality

KGVP considers science and facts as undeniable truths, therefor, we seek the truth, even if it does not count in our favour. We will adjust and implement our actions to harness the power of the truth. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, so we never look back in fear or regret. This way, we can never have regrets of our actions and decisions. You are the right partner for us, if you feel the same way.

4. Independance

We at the KGVP Foundation define independance in different ways. First independance means, not having links, partnerships or otherwise, with people, companies that go against our other principles. Secondly, we finance everything ourselves, to avoid conflicts of interest or perverse incentives. Third, we abide and strive to overachieve on the codes of conducts of the leading actors.

5. Responsibility

KGVP takes its responsibility role very seriously. An example of this is to not pick and choose which questionnaires/Item Banks are released to only a certain group. We have opted to take our responsibility and  release all questionnaires and Item Bank to all people in the world and only doing a selection based on language, which is only limited by resources. It is this way we can work responsibly and honestly.

6. Transparency

KGVP considers science and facts as undeniable truths, therefor, we seek the truth, even if it does not count in our favour. We will adjust and implement our actions to harness the power of the truth. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, so we never look back in fear or regret. This way, we can never have regrets of our actions and decisions. You are the right partner for us, if you feel the same way.

The science of EasyROM

All of this, is powered by PROMIS, the most modern and scientifically proven and validated system for Routine Outcome Monitoring and Outcome Measurements. PROMIS stands for Patient Reported Outcome Monitoring Information System and is setup by USA's top tier medical institution, the NorthWestern University via a NIH grant of 110 million USD in 2004. Since then, over 2000 papers have been published, proofing its validity and reliability. 

Made by physicians and scientist, used clinically and recommended in the medical HEDIS 2020 guidelines and used by the ABOS (American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery) as outcome monitoring tool for certification. (https://www.abos.org/certification/part-ii/patient-reported-outcomes/)


One of our mantra's

Healthcare domains

Physical Health Care and EasyROM

Why consider EasyROM?

A good medical treatment must fit in the personal situation of the patient and that can be different for every person, as unique as each person can be. 

Doctors and patients need to be able to decide together what is the best treatment for the patients and where quality of health care is the best. This approach is known as Value Based Health care (VBHC) and goes beyond only the medical biomarkers, bloodwork results and survival rate.

For patients other aspects can be just as important. For a breast cancer patient, not only survival is important, but also self image and sexual function are very important aspects to their perception of quality health care. Those are aspects that medical profesisonals also need to take in with their medical consultations about their treatments. This way treatment can be adjusted better to the personal wishes of the patients.

EasyROM enables to give patients the ability to give professionals the insight on the effects of their treatments, so they both can work together more easily and get the treatment with the best effect and performance, suited fo the patient.
the reason why to consider easyrom for physical health care value based health care VBHC peace of mind

Mental Health Care and EasyROM

the reason why to consider easyrom for mental health care value based health care peace of mind

Why consider EasyROM?

Mental Health Care is a discipline in health care that plays a major part in a good Quality of Life.

To have a good mental health, it requires clear insight and overview for knowledge on progress, quality and effectiveness in treatments delivered for illness symptoms that are not necessarily measured directly like cholesterol levels or blood pressure, but for more indirect health indicators, like depression and anxiety. 

To acquire this knowledge, PROMIS is designed to quantify that knowledge and Easyrom as a measurement tool is the right tool for patients to acquire the measurements and give patients and professionals that valuable insight in quality anf performance of the treatments given.

Social Health Care and EasyROM

Why consider EasyROM?

Social health as a health domain factor is often underestimated as contributor to Quality of Life and Health care. 

But patients as being highly social entities, rely greatly on social (and economic) factors that contribute to mental and physical health. Education, employment, income, family/social support and community safety are factors that influence mental and physical health (and vice versa).

Treatments given to recover from symptoms and dysfunction, can be more easily measured using EasyROM as PROMIS measurement instrument. This way the HRQoL and the health care construct are linked with each other.

the reason why to consider easyrom for social health care value based health care VBHC peace of mind

Benefits of EasyROM

Benefits of Easyrom the reason why to consider easyrom for health care value based health care

The EasyROM system is designed with several benefits focussed mainly on the patient, but since it is a symbiotic relationship between physicians and them, it includes also benefits for the health care professionals and their environment.

Ready to Market

The EasyROM apps are available now in the app stores for download.

Modular Platform

EasyROM platform has 100+ modules to fit your needs.


Mobile and E-Health has been our speciality before iPhone existed.

Proven Solution

EasyROM is already live for clinical, research and personal use.

Powered by PROMIS

Our platform is powered by the PROMIS Health Measures.

Built on Ethics and Morals

EasyROM knows only one way to operate: honestly with integrity.

Built with experience

Mobile and Web  technology is in our blood since 2006 and 1993 resp.

Fast, Reliable, Accurate

We come from the health care sector, we know the bottle necks.

High Availability

EasyROM runs on Amazon Web Services, the Big Kahuna of cloud.

CE Certified

The apps are CE-certified as a Class 1 Medical Measurement Instrument.

GDPR Compliant

Of course we comply to the GDPR regulations.

No Vendor Lock-in

Your data is your property, It comes in any market-standard format.

White Label possible

When you like the tech, but not the name. We got you covered.

Price - Performance

EasyROM Selfcare is FREE of charge (with unlimited measurements) ! EasyROM Pro costs €2,50 per person, per year /w unlimited measurements.

The EasyROM Platform

The EasyROM Platform comprises all the elements, that are beneficial for in-house patients, out-house patients, self-care patients, physicians, academics, pharmaceuticals, (local) governments, employers, employees, insurers, basically everybody that want to know, for themselves or for their workers/students, how their health state is and if they need to seek medical help.

EasyROM Pro
a native mobile app (for Apple of Android) specifically for patients under treatment with a medical professional.
EasyROM Selfcare
a native mobile app (for Apple or Android), specifically for self care patients.
EasyROM confection
a selection of pre-built mobile apps, ready to be published in the app stores of Apple and Android.
easyrom custom
Modular skeleton app framework on This framework comprises the PROMIS measurement system with ER-Build support.
easyrom portal
a cloud-based dashboard for professionals to monitor and mange their , case load in a comprehensive web application.
ER Build
a comprehensive collection of add-on modules for added custom functionality to a EasyROM Custom app.
ER Connect
Modules that enables ER-Portal to connect to any other information system, that supports industry standards like REST, HL7-FHIR.
ER Intelligence
Knowledge Data Streams for your information needs, be it clinical, academic, policy making, pharmaceutical or insurance.

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